My realtor, Bonnie Sempier, asked me to have my home inspected.  My thoughts were 'what could be wrong with my new home?' Well, my builder is putting me up for 2 nights at the Red Roof Inn on Ashley Phosphate because I have no gas meter, no hot water, no electricity in the kitchen and when I do run my upstairs shower I have no water pressure. What would you expect? The home was new. To get what you expect, be sure to inspect.

Ron Fox, Charleston

My name is Nakia White.  Not only am I a first time homebuyer, but a teacher with Charleston County School District.  I understand how important it is to show credibility in everything that we do.  I employed Michael Hughes assistance on the inspection of two homes.  I decided to buy a home that is 28-years-old from a building contractor, Ronald Parsley.  After Mr. Hughes left, Mr. Parsley went over everything that Michael cited as problematic and agreed to listen to Mr. Hughes advice.  Not only was I impressed with how thorough Mr. Hughes was with the inspection, but Mr. Parsley, the building contractor, made sure to let me know that Mr. Hughes did a wonderful job.  It is not everyday that we come across people who love their job and do it well.  Michael Hughes proved that he is the epitome of a good businessman.

Nakia White, Brentwood Middle School, North Charleston

As a recent home buyer I hired Michael Hughes to inspect a new construction home that I and my wife were about to purchase.  Michael was very professional with his inspection and took longer than he expected for my house in order to conduct a thorough inspection.  Mr. Hughes walked me through every step of his inspection and took the necessary time to explain to me the items that needed to be corrected before I signed any contract.  Michael’s inspection consisted of taking several photographs of all of the items of interest, explaining every aspect of any items of concern, and then providing a detailed verbal and visual report to the project manager so that they could begin the necessary repairs.  Mr. Hughes was so thorough with his inspection that he even located several problems with the house that the project manager assumed were completed or fixed.  After his inspection was completed Mr. Hughes provided me with a detailed written report explaining all of the items that needed to be addressed.  Although this report is part of Michaels contract what impressed me was that he took his personal time to complete the report since I needed it by 8:00 AM the next morning.  After checking my email the next day I observed that the report had been completed the previous night and emailed to my account at 1:00 am in the morning.  Michael’s extra effort made on my behalf speaks highly of his company and of the values that he holds high in order to make his company one of the best in the business.  If Michael had not inspected my new construction home I would have missed several items (i.e. leaking roof, leaking AC pipes, insulation) that would have cost me money later on down the road.  This inspection was one of the best investments I made.

Ken Sharp, Goose Creek

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Michael Hughes who recently inspected my new construction home.

 I first met Mr. Hughes when he spoke at a recent First Time Home Buyers Class that I attended.  I was already aware of the important part in the home buying process that the home inspection plays in pre-owned homes.  However, Mr. Hughes spoke about the importance of a home inspection in new construction homes, which is something I hadn’t really thought about.  We all assume that new homes come in “perfect” condition.  Mr. Hughes told our class about various different findings in new construction homes that range from minor to very major structural findings such as defects in the roof structure that in a few short years would become a major repair for a home owner.

At that point I hadn’t selected my home but later did choose a new construction home.  At the time I completed the buyer’s contract with my realtor and the home builder I stated that I would be choosing to have a home inspection.  Both parties looked at me with strange sort of “why” looks on their faces.  They let me know that a home inspection on a new construction home was not required.  I said that I understood completely but was certain this would be the best spent money and piece of mind that I could think of as part of this huge home buying decision that I had made.

 Mr. Hughes came out and inspected my new home.  Later that same afternoon a copy of my inspection report with color pictures and details of all the findings was emailed to me.  I still believe without a doubt that this was the right thing to do and recommend this to all new construction home buyers.  I now know my home has been looked over by a third party and I have written documentation and pictures to keep as part of my important home documents.  The builder will address the findings and I will be a happy, satisfied first time home buyer.

Thank you Michael, for your prompt and professional service.

Barbara J. Detweiler, Charleston