Seller’s Advantage Inspection

Seller's Advantage Program

Giving your Home a Unique Selling Advantage

What is a Seller's Inspection?

A seller's (listing) home inspection is performed for the seller when the house goes on the market. In most cases the inspection is completed after a home has been listed to assist in the marketability of the home. The benefits of this inspection help create a powerful marketing tool that can be used during the process of selling a home.

Our program includes:

An In-Home Display

We set up a display inside the home for buyers to view when they come to see the house that includes:

  • The Seller's Inspection Report - the computerized inspection report in a three-ring binder with full-color digital photos.
  • A Warranty Letter - a letter from the inspector warranting the fact that he did a thorough job.
  • A Certificate of Assurance - a certificate offering immediate assurance with your pre-inspection, plus a warranty protection certificate which outlines major areas of the inspection.
  • A Quick Glance Summary - a quick glance summary page for potential buyers to take home which includes a picture of your house, your address and property description, plus the price and MLS number. Included with the quick glance summary are the main items from the inspection. This increases the buyer’s perceived value of the home while decreasing their negotiating leverage simply because everything is disclosed right up front by an unbiased third party.
Virtual Tours

You can choose to include a virtual tour to your online listing with an interactive floor plan tour that will be marketed to all Charleston area realtors with your listing.

Email Marketing

You can choose to be included in a custom e-Blast campaign that goes out to all of the agents in the tri-county area. That’s over 3,000 agents. It includes a picture of the front of your house, the description, price and MLS number. Everyone will know that your house has been pre-inspected and is warranty protected.

A Prize Drawing

As an optional upgrade, you can choose to include a prize drawing with your listing eBlast. This is meant as an incentive for agents all over the area to show case your home. They can only enter to win the prize by bringing buyers over to see your home. The prize values are approximately $300 and can be things like: a gas grill, GPS system, a camera, catering for their office, or gift certificates and can be chosen by the winner!

What is the Seller's Advantage Program?

The Number 1 Home Inspector Seller's Advantage Program is more than just a listing or seller's inspection. Our pre-inspection program puts you on the fast-track of getting your home sold faster and for more money. We offer additional promotions that mean more showings for you. And we all know that more showings lead to more offers, which increases your chances for a contract, saving you a lot of money.

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Why Should You Get a Seller's Inspection?

The following are the top 10 reasons seller's should have a home inspection:

  • A seller’s inspection helps you avoid a costly lawsuit for failure to disclose!
  • Avoid expensive surprise expenses that cause your buyer to walk.
  • You're going to have to repair it anyway! Find out what before losing your buyer!
  • A pre-inspection helps you substantiate your asking price.
  • A pre-inspection helps you close faster with fewer hassles.
  • Use the inspectors experience to detect what may become a problem later.
  • Our inspection will let you know if you need to contact other professionals.
  • Our inspectors give you tips on extending the life of major systems.
  • Our inspectors educate you with suggestions concerning repairs and maintenance.
  • You receive an easy to understand, comprehensive report with color digital photos and an in-home display.

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Home Inspection

Seller's Advantage program with in-home display. Prices start as low as $235 (under 1,000 sf, on a slab, less than 25 years old).

Eblast Marketing

Send listing emails to Charleston area Realtors. Only $15 with Bundle (a $30 value for 3 sends—PDF or .DOC of ready copy).

Floorplan Virtual Tour

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