Pump Jack Nail Holes (pt 2)

Today I'm going to show you a common issue found on new construction homes called 'Pump Jack Nail Holes'. These are nail holes found in a brand new roof, usually a new construction house.

A pump jack scaffold system is used during new construction while putting the siding on the end-gables. (picture 2) As the worker goes up the wall installing the siding, the scaffolding is 'pumped' to raise it and is supported by 2 steel poles which are nailed to the new roof at the top (picture 3).

When the scaffolding is removed (picture 4), the nail holes in the new roof are often filled with sealant (picture 5) or left open (picture 6). Open holes in the roof allow for water penetration and sometimes a lot of it which then turns into water damage (picture 7). When this issue exists, it will often be found at multiple locations on that roof. (pictures 7-21) This house had pump jack nial holes on the roof at 12 different locations.

This issue only affects new construction homes and newer homes that were not inspected by someone who got on the roof after the siding was finished. I find nail holes in brand new rooves because of this all the time. These holes are tiny and cannot be seen from the ground and are often missed by drones. You need to use an inspector who actually gets on the roof in order to find this type of issue. I find this and other issues on new construction homes all the time.

So, Get your house inspected. Keep an eye out for more helpful videos from Charleston's #1 home inspector.